Project In memoriam: Word is an exchange project supported by European Union program Erasmus+, initiated and coordinated by Pôtoň Theatre from Slovakia. Project involves 4 partner organizations from Czech Republic, France, Romania and Palestine. The aim of the project is to bring together 30 young people from 5 countries that will work together on artistic reflections on the topic of freedom of speech, freedom of expression.

This project is supposed to be a response to current situation of freedom of expression and speech not only in Slovakia, but around the world. There are several sad stories of journalists that led to this initiative. Murder, disappearance, persecution, blackmail, harassment, defamation, hateful references. These are the fates of the people that dedicated their lives to uncover the truth. These attacks on investigative journalists and freedom of speech are frustrating to people who wish to live in a democratic society.

Through this project we want to pay homage to the work of journalists, who try to uncover the truth despite the danger they face.

Another issue that this project is trying to face is the tendency of the society to forget. Impulses that the society experiences directly after the incidents are strong in the given moments, but the public displeasure fades in time. We tend to forget. The aim of our project is NOT to forget and to keep this topic alive through art.

In the end, we can see parallels between the work of a journalist and the work of an artist in the freedom of expression, which is often supressed from above.

1st JULY 2019 – 15th JULY 2019

Pôtoň Theatre, Bátovce, Slovakia

30 young people aged 18 – 30 from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, France and Palestine + leaders of national groups

Each group from each country will consist of 6 young people and 1 leader.

Participants must meet these criteria:

  • Age 18-30
  • English level at least B1
  • Artist or art enthusiasts
  • Interest in the topic
  • Citizens of the given partner country

The aims of the project are simple:

  • We want to create a place where our project participants can explore current social topic and their possibilities to reflect on it and make a stand
  • We want to explore how our project participants, who have different backgrounds, culture, knowledge, experience, opinions, life stories can together form a common initiative based on memory, freedom and tolerance.
  • We want to build up the critical thinking and civil society’s and citizenship awareness in our young participants
  • We want to provide a space that brings new experience, skills, know-hows, points of view, techniques and work practices needed for personal and professional development
  • We want to strengthen the intercultural communication and cooperation among young people
  • We want to create a safe and welcoming space for creating new international friendships and partnerships in multicultural environment

Our Art Camp consists of many diverse activities and you can be sure you will not be bored. Before you continue to read, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to explore important social issues?
  • Do you want to engage in a social change?
  • Do you like meeting new people?
  • Are you able to work in a group?
  • Are you ready to work hard to achieve your goals?

If the answer to all these questions was YES, this is a project meant for you.

The plan of activities is wide and diverse.

Activities before the mobility:

  • Collecting documentary material for the project and sharing it among other participants

Activities during the mobility:

  • Professional workshops led by experienced international artist from Slovakia, Jordan, Argentina and Romania (dance and physical theatre, music and sound, documentary movie, puppetry and object theatre, scenography)
  • Independent work on the common works of art in groups (ArtLABs)
  • Showcase of the common works
  • Panel discussions
  • Team-building activities (dinner parties, sport activities, etc.)
  • Extra program (performances, concerts, movies)
  • Tours and trips

Accommodation, food, material and all the activities are provided and covered fully by our organization. Travel expenses are covered partially according to travel distances (see table below). In case you book your flight soon enough, your travel expenses can be covered fully.


Travel distance Amount
Between 10 and 99 KM 20 EUR per participant
Between 100 and 499 KM 180 EUR per participant
Between 500 and 1999 KM 275 EUR per participant
Between 2000 and 2999 KM 360 EUR per participant
Between 3000 and 3999 KM 530 EUR per participant


Travel distances must be calculated using the distance calculator. You can find it here:

Please read the instructions carefully.

The only cost that is covered by participants is the travel insurance. Having an insurance is an obligation of each participant. It must be valid for the whole mobility, including the dates of travelling.

Pôtoň, Bátovce 358, 93503 Bátovce,

Contact person: Monika Škojcová,, +421 902 857 535

  • Dafa Puppet Theater, Czech Republic
  • Asociația BÁBU, Romania
  • Euroculture en Pays Gentiane, France
  • Al-Harah Theater, Palestine

About the place

Theatre Pôtoň

Pôtoň is a theatre and cultural centre that was founded in 2000 and since 2008 it has been purposely operating outside the capital of Slovakia, in a village Bátovce – on the periphery. Pôtoň became a cultural, creative and educational centre, an institution whose aim is to enrich lives and educate people in the region. It is the only Slovak professional theatre established at countryside. Within the cyclic whole-year project Centre of Arts and Creativity it operates as a cultural centre and focuses its activities on creation, presentation and promotion of contemporary art. It promotes dance and theatre performances, audio-visual works, concerts, visual exhibitions, new media.

Our team and partners also lead professional workshops for artists, cultural managers, children and local community.

Part of our main role is to develop different socially engaged projects focused mainly on the youth, that contain arte-therapy, discussions, creative workshops, live libraries etc. We also organize several community projects and we provide support for Slovak and foreign artists through artist residencies.

As a theatre we are usually considered as socially engaged and our productions tend to explore provocative social topics and issues. Our plays are usually based on a field research, they are defined by pressing social issues and characterized by a distinctive play with styles and different means of expression. The most distinctive plays resonate with themes such as poverty, national identity and xenophobia, search for home, decline of values, emigration etc.

Pôtoň is located in peaceful rural area of the village Bátovce. Bátovce is located in the department of Levice in the region of Nitra. Bátovce was the former royal town, today it is a village with 1100 inhabitants. The distance between Bátovce and the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava – is 163 km.


Partner organizations:

  • Dafa Puppet Theater, Czech Republic
  • Asociația BÁBU, Romania
  • Euroculture en Pays Gentiane, France
  • Al-Harah Theater, Palestine

Coordinating organization:
Divadlo Pôtoň, Bátovce 358, 93503 Bátovce,

Contact person: Monika Škojcová, +421 902 857 535